Aula Crossover

Part Nr.: 10045

- External box
- Style: wood, aluminum or Teflon
- Resonances free casing
- Non-inductive resistor with heat sink for improved thermal stability
- High-quality capacitors PIO (paper in oil) or copper capacitors
- Dual mono or stereo arrangement
- WBT terminals
- Induction coils made ​​of foil copper OFC 22x0.15mm (
skin effect)
- Tweeter separated 12dB/Oct

For desing and price please send email >>


Hovland HP100 Tuning and Service

- update to DC Heater
- Tube Cooling update and Dumping
- full service
- new set-up MC input transformer (MG EVO11) for more details and MusicEnergy



Luxman D-107u Tuning

- Signal capacitor update
- Casing update
And many other improvements
- Signal transformers update


Link: Tape2Tape, Phono and more from Nagaoka

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